Can You Put a Guardian Bell on a Car?

When it comes to vehicles, whether it’s a motorcycle or a car, many riders and drivers share a common concern – safety on the road. There are numerous superstitions, traditions, and accessories that people swear by when it comes to protecting themselves from accidents and ensuring a safe journey. One of these widely embraced traditions is the use of Guardian Bells. In this article, we will explore the concept of Guardian Bells, their origins, and most importantly, the burning question: Can you put a Guardian Bell on a car?

The Guardian Bell Tradition

Origins and Superstitions

Guardian Bells, often known as Gremlin Bells or Spirit Bells, have their roots in motorcycle culture. Legend has it that these small bells are meant to ward off evil road spirits, also known as “gremlins,” who are believed to be responsible for accidents and mishaps on the road. These bells are often given as gifts to riders and hung on their motorcycles as a protective talisman.

The tradition dictates that the bell should be placed low on the vehicle, ideally close to the ground, to capture and trap any lurking gremlins. It should never be bought by the rider but must be gifted to them for the protection to be effective.

The Guardian Bell Ritual

To activate the protective power of the Guardian Bell, a small ceremony is performed. The bell should be hung on the vehicle with a black string or leather cord, symbolizing the guardian’s power to capture the gremlins. Afterward, a prayer or blessing is recited, asking for safe travels and protection from accidents.

Guardian Bells on Cars: Myth or Reality?

The tradition of Guardian Bells is deeply ingrained in the motorcycle culture, but what about cars? Can you put a Guardian Bell on a car? The short answer is yes, you can. While these bells are more commonly associated with motorcycles, there’s no strict rule against hanging one in your car.

In fact, some car owners have embraced the idea of Guardian Bells to bring an extra layer of safety to their daily commutes. Just like on motorcycles, the bell should be placed low in the car and ideally be a gift from someone who cares about your safety on the road.

The Protective Power of the Guardian Bell

How Does It Work?

The concept of the Guardian Bell’s protective power is largely symbolic, but symbolism can have a powerful impact on our state of mind. It serves as a reminder of the importance of safe driving and staying vigilant on the road. It also reflects the idea that safety is not only a matter of physical mechanics but also a state of mind.

The sound of the bell as it moves with the vehicle can serve as a constant reminder of the responsibility that comes with driving, making the driver more aware of their surroundings and potentially preventing accidents.


In the world of vehicles, traditions and superstitions often hold a special place. The Guardian Bell tradition, originating in motorcycle culture, has found its way to cars as well. While its protective power may be largely symbolic, it reminds us of the importance of safe driving and staying vigilant on the road.

So, can you put a Guardian Bell on a car? Absolutely. It’s a personal choice and a unique way to enhance your safety on the road, whether you’re riding on two wheels or four. While we may never have definitive proof that Guardian Bells ward off gremlins, the peace of mind they bring is a valuable addition to any journey. After all, in a world where safety is paramount, a little extra protection certainly can’t hurt.