Harley Davidson Battery Size Chart

Finding a suitable replacement battery can be a challenging task for motorcycle enthusiasts. Unlike car owners who can conveniently contact their local auto parts store and provide vehicle details to get battery information and availability, motorcyclists often find themselves making multiple calls to specialized motorcycle repair shops. Determining the specific battery required is just the beginning; considerations such as materials, cranking amps, capacity (measured in amp hours), and the number of cells in the battery come into play.

To assist you in making an informed decision for your Harley Davidson, we have provided a comprehensive table below. It outlines various replacement battery options and compares them based on materials, voltage, maintenance requirements, cranking amps, and cold-cranking amps. By carefully evaluating these options, you can select the ideal replacement battery that suits your needs.

Model Year OEM number Yuasa part number Superstart part number Specification
FLH, FLT, FLR Series Touring 1998-2021 66010-97 YIX30L-BS ETX30LA CCA: 400; Ah:31,6
FL, FLH, FLT Series Touring 1985-1996 66010-82 YTX24HL ETX18L CCA: 350; Ah:22,1
FL, FLH, FLT Series Touring 1965-1984 66007-84 YHD-12 CHD4-12 CCA: 200; Ah:29,5
FX, FL Softail Series 1991-2021 65989-97 YTX20HL-BS ETX20L CCA: 310; Ah:18,9
FX, FL Softail Series 1984-1990 65991-82 YTX20H-BS CB16B CCA: 310; Ah:18,9
FXD (Dyna) All 1991-2017 65989-90 YTX20HL-BS ETX20L CCA: 310; Ah:18,9
FX/FXR Series 1979-1994 65991-75 YTX20H-BS CB16B CCA: 310; Ah:18,9
FXR Series 1999-2000 65991-82 YTX20HL-BS ETX20L CCA: 310; Ah:18,9
FX Series (Electric Start) 1971-1978 65991-82 YTX20H-BS GTX20BS CCA: 310; Ah:18,9
FX Series (Kick Start) 1971-1972 YB7-A CB16B CCA: 105; Ah:8,4
VRSC V-Rod 2007-2017 65989-97 YTX20HL ETX20L CCA: 310; Ah:18,9
VRSCR 2007 65948-00 YTX14H ETX14 CCA: 240; Ah:12,6
VRSC V-Rod 2002-2006 65948-00 YTX14 ETX14 CCA: 240; Ah:12,6
XL, XLH, XR1200X Sportster 2004-2021 65958-04 YTX14L-BS ETX14L CCA: 200; Ah:12,6
XL, XLH Sportster 1997-2003 65989-97 YTX20L-BS ETX20L CCA: 270; Ah:18,9
XL, XLH Sportster 1987-1996 65991-82B YTX20H-BS CHD4-12 CCA: 310; Ah:18,9
XL Series (Sportster) 1979-1993 65991-75 YTX20H-BS CHD4-13 CCA: 310; Ah:18,9
1000 XLX-61, XR 1000 1983-1985 65991-82 YB16-B-CX ETX16 CCA: 255; Ah:20
XLCR Cafe Racer 1977-1978 65991-82 YB16-B-CX ETX17 CCA: 255; Ah:20
XLCH Series (Sportster Kick Start) 1970-1978 66006-70 YB7-A YB7AFP CCA: 105; Ah:8,4
XLH (Sportster Electric Start) 1967-1978 66007-84 YHD-12H CHD4-12 CCA: 200; Ah:29,5
Street 2014-2021 65958-04 YTX14L-BS ETX14L CCA: 200; Ah:12,6
MT500 (Military) All Years YTX14AHL-BS ETX14L CCA: 210; Ah:12,6
SS350 All Years 6N11A-1B YB7AFP 6V; Ah:11,6
SS250, SX250, SS175, SX175, SS125, SX125, SXT125 1974-1978 YB7L-B YB7AFP CCA: 75; Ah:8,4


Optimized Version:

In modern applications, the majority of motorcycles utilize 12-volt batteries as the norm. However, older motorcycles that rely on 6-volt systems require a compatible 6-volt battery. It is crucial to understand that inserting a 12-volt battery into a 6-volt system can lead to significant damage to your motorcycle’s electronic components. Likewise, if you need to jumpstart a 6-volt motorcycle using a 12-volt system, extreme caution must be exercised to avoid causing irreparable harm to your beloved vehicle.

To determine the voltage of your motorcycle battery at a glance, you can visually inspect the number of stoppers positioned on top of the battery. A 6-volt battery will typically have three stoppers, whereas a 12-volt battery will be equipped with six stoppers.

Understanding the appropriate voltage requirement and ensuring compatibility with your motorcycle’s electrical system is essential for optimal performance and safeguarding the longevity of your vehicle.

Motorcycle batteries are commonly constructed using lead-acid or lithium-iron materials and require an acid electrolyte solution for activation before use. They come in two types: maintenance-free (sealed) and conventional (unsealed). With conventional batteries, it is important to monitor fluid levels periodically to ensure proper functionality. The battery’s cranking amps (CA) determine its ability to start the engine and initiate ignition. Interestingly, although cold-cranking amps (CCA) are available for motorcycle batteries, there is no consistent or reliable industry standard for measuring CCA in powersport batteries due to the variations in engine sizes between motorcycles and cars. Additionally, there are gel-based batteries, which offer a lighter alternative to lead and lithium batteries but are typically more expensive. Explore these diverse options for your motorcycle battery needs.


Harley Davidson Battery Size Chart
Harley Davidson Battery Size Chart

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