How To Program A Harley-Davidson Key Fob

Owning a Harley-Davidson is a cherished aspiration for many, blending timeless American design with cutting-edge V-twin technology. If you’re a proud new owner, there’s a lot to discover about your motorcycle, including the essential skill of programming a Harley-Davidson key fob.

Thankfully, programming your key fob is a straightforward process. This comprehensive tutorial will guide you through the step-by-step procedure, enabling you to master key fob programming with ease.

How to Sync Your Key Fob with Your Harley-Davidson:

A key fob is no ordinary key; it’s a compact electronic device that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, providing not only the ability to lock and unlock your vehicle but also additional smart functions tailored to enhance your Harley-Davidson experience.

In just a matter of minutes, you can synchronize your new key fob to your beloved Harley-Davidson by following these simple steps, meticulously laid out for your convenience and peace of mind.

Follow these step-by-step instructions to efficiently program and sync your motorcycle key fob. This will ensure a smooth and successful synchronization while maintaining your bike’s memory unit:

Step 1: Verify the Rocker Switch Position Ensure the rocker switch is in the off position before starting the programming process.

Step 2: Perform Ignition Switch Sequencing Switch the ignition on and off using the following pattern: On – Off – On – Off – On. By the end of this step, your ignition should be switched on.

Step 3: Activate the Left Turn Signal Switch Press the left turn signal switch twice and patiently wait for the lights to start blinking. The number of blinks may vary depending on your bike’s configuration.

Step 4: Engage the Right Turn Signal Switch Click on the right turn signal switch and release it after a moment. Allow the signals and indicators to respond by flashing accordingly.

Step 5: Repeat Left Turn Signal Activation Once again, press the left turn signal switch and release it. Wait for the signals and indicators to flash as a response.

Step 6: Program and Sync the Key Fob To initiate the key fob programming and synchronization process, press and hold the button on the key fob. Wait for your motorcycle to accept the new key fob. Once the programming is complete, the four-way signal will start flashing simultaneously, indicating success. Finally, switch off the ignition key to save the new key fob to your motorcycle’s memory unit.

By following these optimized steps, you can efficiently program and synchronize your motorcycle key fob. This process ensures seamless functionality and the secure storage of your new key fob in your motorcycle’s memory unit.

How to Set the Alarm Override PIN Code on Your Key Fob

Proximity key fobs include more security features in recent generations. You cannot turn on your Harley-Davidson or carry out any other actions without the key fob. If something occurs to the key fob, you must remember the PIN number and set your alarm to override it.

Changing the pin for your Harley-Davidson is a straightforward process that requires your key fob and following a few simple steps. Before you begin, make sure the battery in your key fob is not dead, as it is essential for proper functioning. It’s important to note that if you lose your key fob without setting the pin, starting your Harley-Davidson will not be possible.

Follow these steps to change your pin and maintain control over your motorcycle:

Step 1: Select Your 5-Digit Pin Start by choosing a 5-digit pin that you can easily remember and enter when needed.

Step 2: Activate the Ignition Button Using your key fob, activate the ignition button to initiate the pin change process.

Step 3: Ignition and Handlebar Kill Switch Turn on the ignition and ensure that the handlebar kill switch is in the off position to proceed.

Step 4: Adjust the Handlebar Kill Switch Switch the handlebar kill switch according to the following sequence: On – Off – On – Off – On. This sequence is crucial for the pin change process.

Step 5: Activate the Left Turn Signal Twice To complete the pin change, activate the left turn signal twice. This action confirms your desired pin and finalizes the process.

Step 6: Activate the Right Turn Signal:

Initiate the process by switching on the right turn signal. As a result, the current pin code will flash on the odometer. Observe carefully, as the first digit will indicate readiness for setting the new pin.

Step 7: Set Your New Pin:

Utilizing the left and right turn signals, proceed to establish your new pin code. Adjust the first digit by engaging the left turn signal. Once it has been properly set, switch to the right turn signal to advance to the second digit. Repeat this method for all five digits, ensuring each one is modified as desired.

To Secure Your New Pin: For the pin to be successfully saved, it is essential to follow these steps: First, deactivate both the handlebar kill switch and the ignition switch. By doing so, you allow the module to rearm, ensuring the pin is securely stored.

Please note that the pin serves as a means to bypass the security alarm and grant access to start the ignition of your Harley-Davidson motorcycle. However, it can only be utilized when the key fob is unavailable.

How to Program a New Proximity Fob When You Lose Your Old One?

Proximity fobs are a very useful tool that let you turn on and off your motorcycle when they are in close proximity to each other. It protects your bike in its absence by warning you if someone tries to take it. It must be reset to your Harley-Davidson if you misplaced your old key fob and bought a replacement. There are several approaches of doing it.




If you’ve lost your proximity key fob and need to program a new one for your Harley-Davidson, there are effective scanning methods you can use. In this article, we’ll guide you through two different methods, the Snap-on scan tool and the AVDI (Abrites Vehicle Diagnostic Interface) method.

Using the Snap-on Scan Tool Method:

Step 1: Connect Snap-on Scan Tool Begin by connecting your Harley-Davidson to the Snap-on scan tool.

Step 2: Access Body Control Module Navigate to the Body Control Module on the scan tool and select the following functions: Functional Tests – Special Function – Configurations.

Step 3: Select Key Fob Pins Under Configurations, you’ll find various information about your Harley-Davidson. Choose the option that displays all zeroes for the key fob pins.

Step 4: Input New Key Fob PIN Find the 24-digit PIN on your new key fob and enter it into the scan tool using the keypad. Press OK to save the new key fob PIN.

Your new key fob is now programmed and ready to use.

Using the AVDI Method:

The AVDI method is suitable for tech enthusiasts and offers effective diagnostics for various vehicles, including Harley-Davidsons. Follow these steps to program your new key fob:

Step 1: Access Diagnostic Center Remove the plastic cover on the side of your Harley-Davidson to access the diagnostic center.

Step 2: Expose Connector Wires Pull off the rubber cap from the connector wires.

Step 3: Connect AVDI to SAE J1850 Adapter Attach your AVDI to the SAE J1850 adapter using a CB305 cable.

Step 4: Connect CB305 Cable Connect the CB305 cable to the bike’s connector wires.

Step 5: Turn on Ignition Switch on the ignition button and put the fuel pump in the run position.

Step 6: Run AVDI Software Launch the AVDI software to gather information from the bike.

Step 7: Open Key Learning Menu Navigate to the Key Learning Menu.

Step 8: Select ‘Harley-Davidson’ Under Diagnostics, choose ‘Harley-Davidson’ and click on ‘Next’.

Step 9: Complete Diagnostic Step Allow the diagnostic step to complete when prompted.

Step 10: Choose Key Fob Option You’ll be presented with two options for Key Fob 1 and 2. Select the option with all zeroes and proceed.

Step 11: Input New Key Fob Serial Number In the new dialog box, input the serial number from your new key fob and click ‘Next’.

Following these steps, you can program your new Harley-Davidson key fob using the AVDI method and enjoy the convenience of a fully functional key fob once again.



Step 12

Your new key fob has now been successfully reprogrammed to your Harley-Davidson if you see the message “The Operation is complete” once it has been completed.

Step 13
The cables may now be disconnected, the ignition and fuel controls can be turned off, and the plastic cover can be repositioned.

Although it may appear difficult to reprogram your new key fob key, you may do it without having to rush to the nearest repair.

How to Prevent Losing Your Key Fob

Key fobs are useful, but it’s simple to lose them if you forget where you put them. New fobs can be purchased and programmed, but if they end up in the wrong hands, they may also be used to steal your Harley-Davidson.

So, as a reminder of where you stored them, here are some recommendations.

Use a Bluetooth tracker, use a keychain or keyring, keep them in the same location, double-check where you’ve stored them, and never leave your house or any other area without verifying it.

Even when it comes to motorbikes, prevention is always preferable to treatment!

How Has Life Been Made Easier by Key Fobs?

Key fobs are incredible innovations since they have greatly simplified living. It is jam-packed with functions, unlike conventional keys, that have altered modern lifestyles. The key fob’s smart technology enables bike and automobile owners to track and safeguard their vehicles.
Finding cars without key fobs used to take a lot of time in the past. But things have changed. Additionally, since the alarm override pin code takes care of it, vehicle security has improved.

Final Reflections

It’s not as difficult as it might seem to use and reprogram a key fob. You may begin utilising a new Harley-Davidson key fob with the appropriate knowledge and resources. Although it is possible, try to prevent losing your key.

The use of key fobs has simplified life for the majority of riders. Your ownership experience will go much more smoothly if you remember to take care of them.

How To Program A Harley-Davidson Key Fob
How To Program A Harley-Davidson Key Fob

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