About The Bearded Biker

Website: www.thebeardedbikerstore.com
Email: TheBeardedBikerStore@gmail.com
Social: @TheBeardedBikerStore
Address: 14009B US-231 Hazel Green, AL 35750
Phone: (256) 813-5032
Our story:
The Bearded Biker idea isn’t just some clever name or gimmick, it’s me. I AM The Bearded Biker. So any story of where and how The Bearded Biker came to be is really a story of how I became a bearded biker.
Now it’s true, of course, that I am not just a beard on a Harley. I am a Husband, Father, Brother and Son that just loves to ride (my ‘03 Road King) every chance I get. I’ve also worked fast food, security and all areas of “manual labor”, served in the military, specialized in wildlife trapping and managed an e-commerce business. Because of the experiences, challenges, skillset and work ethic I built in these professions, I really wanted to start my own business and focus on something I’m truly passionate about. Hence, the birth of The Bearded Biker Store.
Looking back through it all, I realized there was always a motorcycle somewhere in the background. I have always loved riding, no matter the make or model. It never gets old. I also fell in love with the culture, people, style and lingo, so as I developed my business, I made sure it reflected that. I have a taste for classic and vintage fashion, but I also love looking like a badass biker. It’s these attitudes that developed the style of The Bearded Biker Store; a store that I (and you!) would love to visit. My search for the coolest, best quality gear at the best prices for you is never over...
And on that note, if you or someone you know makes or manufactures items you think would fit nicely within The Bearded Biker Store, please reach out to me. I am always looking for unique, novelty and practical items. I sincerely hope you find (or already found) something you love and are 100% satisfied with your experience.